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Masego Mafata/GroundUp. (File photo). From the article by Anthony Kaziboni in The Conversation Africa on 25th September 2022 "South Africa: 5 Xenophobic Myths About Immigrants in South Africa Debunked By Researchers".

International Group on the Right to Education:

First (2011), Second (2013), Third (2014), and Fourth (2015) Pampanini Report

on the  Right to Education pdf

Right to Education and

Global Democracy

2015 (cover and text pdf)


I tuoi dati sono stati inviati con successo!



ADDRESS: Giovanni Pampanini
The “Lê Thành Khôi” International Relations Atelier,
Catania, Italy



Democrazia in Africa
Melita Cristaldi

Democrazia in Africa

Democrazia in Africa

Global Democracy Campaign Jan 2021

International Relations and Global Democracy Theory

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